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Subject: Women's Army: PKK 5th Congress Resolution

PKK 5th Congress Resolution Concerning The Women's Army And The
Free Women's Movement

     If one examines the history of various segments of society,
one can see that those societies, peoples, or classes which are
marked by great inequalities are plagued with confrontations and
struggles. There exists a dialectic between the struggles within
one part of society and the development of subsequent social
classes. This development is only possible if the people of this
society accept the characteristics of their respective class
     (The dialectical development of these various social classes
was closely linked to domestic conditions, which were largely
determined by the characteristics of that society in accordance
with their specific class character.)
     Throughout history, the women's question has taken on
different forms and characteristics in different societies, but
the core of this question has remained unchanged to this day.
History has always been the history of male domination, because
regardless of what class characteristics determined the society,
it was always the men who determined social development and power
relations. A careful analysis of all the revolutions which have
taken place up until today will show that women were never really
able to achieve their full political-military strength and were
not effectively included in the movement. The foundation of any
revolution which seeks to create a new society and be victorious
over the old society must have women playing significant roles.
This reality is most clear when we look at real-existing
socialism, where women took part in the revolution, but where an
equal power balance between men and women was never achieved,
therefore these women were not free, hence these were not free
     The fundamentals of the PKK and the Kurdish revolution have
given these facts a special importance. The potential of women,
who make up half of the society, in the service of the revolution
and their hidden and suppressed talents and intelligence in
creating an entire society based on equality is the most humane
and the most radical characteristic of our revolution. Our
movement deals with this question at the ideological, political,
party, and military level, and has made great steps in all of
these areas thanks to the special efforts made by our general
secretary. The head of the party has given special attention to
this under the motto: "A step forward for the national liberation
movement is also a step forward for women." Women are seeking to
answer their analysis by means of this struggle. Today, this
problem requires even more concerted efforts and the development
of new means of solving it.
     The most important step which our party has taken is the
creation of a women's army. This army seeks to destroy all the
characteristics and modes of conduct created by the status quo of
class society. Therefore, it's not only of military significance
that a women's army be created, but rather it is significant for
all aspects of our movement. In all sectors of the economy, all
social institutions, and even in the realm of culture,
organizations will be created and modelled after this army. It
will be largely the responsibility of women militants in
leadership positions to realize the potential of women to
organize, become educated, and join the struggle. It is a
necessary step, given the present situation, that there be a
special organization for women within the people's liberation
front. This new movement must be in a position to organize
Kurdish women in all aspects of society and to involve them in
the struggle. The goal of this is not simply to achieve
independence for women, to make them reliant on their own
strengths and not be dependent on men, and to achieve their full
resistance and struggle potential, but this will also play an
important role in the development of men. In this sense, work and
living together will be characterized by freedom, equality, and
     For these reasons, the 5th Party Congress of the Kurdistan
Workers Party has decided the following:

1.   On the basis of the decisions of the 5th Congress, the mass
organization of women will reach its peak and will culminate in a
National Women's Congress.

2.   The Free Women's Movement will adopt a new program and a new
leadership based on the upcoming congress and will take on a
special new form of organization.

3.   The central leadership of the Free Women's Movement will be
strengthened. The Free Women's Movement, which will be part of
our party's front, will organize itself on all levels.

4.   Regional military camps for women and the inclusion of women
in the central military command structure will help to create
militant leadership cadre in the movement.

5.   On the basis of the movement, the political army will be
strengthened in the fields of media work, diplomacy, art,
culture, and economy. In this, women will be further trained and
organized, and they will participate in both the legal and
illegal activities of the movement.

6.   Eventually, an independent Women's Army of women fighting in
the ARGK will be created, and women's units and command
structures will be developed to the point where they can operate

7.   The Women's Army will be increased in size without affecting
its capabilities. The minimum age for female fighters will be 16. 

8.   The creation of a Committee for Freedom and Equality will be
achieved and it will be given an effective function.

9.   Under centralized leadership, an annual Women's Conference
will be held every year.

10.  At the appropriate time and under the appropriate
circumstances, the central leadership will organize an
International Women's Conference.

11.  The main publications of the movement will be published and

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